ESSAY ON FRIENDSHIP What is Friendship:

Friendship is a tie of love between two persons. It is a natural union of two hearts and binds two souls together. It comes through association.

Why man needs friends:

Man is a social being and so he cannot live all alone. He wants the company of some like-minded persons and also to discuss his problems with someone who is faithful to him and who loves him. He wants someone to share his joy and sorrow equally. So man needs a friend. A friendless man is always an object of pity.

The nature of true Friendship:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. A true friend always stands by us. He never deserts us in our bad days. He is ready to sacrifice everything for us if needed. We can rely on him for any secret of our life and discuss it with him freely. A true friend is always a source of inspiration for us. From him we get inspiration to face even the toughest situation boldly. He always gives us good advice and wishes our good. He loves us selflessly.

Danger of evil company:

We must be very careful in selecting our friends. There are some false friends who are harmful to us. They are with us only in the days of our prosperity. They leave us in distress. There are also friend who tempt us to do evil deeds and lead us astray. We must avoid such friends. We should never make friendship with people who are by nature wicked, selfish and dishonest.

My experience of friends:

I have both sweet and bitter experiences with friends. I have some friends who are really true to me. We share our joys and sorrow equally. We help one another if and when needed. But once I had some false friends also. They did me great harm. In their company I formed the habits of smoking, stealing money from my father’s purse. But timely intervention of my true friend made me realize my mistake and I gave up their company along with all the bad habits learnt from them.


Friendship is a divine thing. Every man must have some true friends without whom life becomes dull and charmless.

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