MY AIM IN LIFE, Why an aim necessary :

MY AIM IN LIFE. To succeed in life one must decide early in life what one likes to be in future. In other words, one must have a definite aim in life. An aimless man is like a boat without an oar and that moves about helplessly on the vast sea and can never reach its destination. He can never succeed in life. So every man should have an aim in life. One’s aim should always be noble and high. But it must not be so high as to be far beyond the reach of the person concerned.

My aim (MY AIM IN LIFE):

My aim in life is to do something good for the poorer section of our society. I think, the job of a physician is the best way to serve them. So I want to be a good physician. After taking the Bachelor Degree in Medical Science, I shall work wholeheartedly as a physician in some rural area. I shall have my own medical chamber and pharmacy there. I shall render medical service to the poor villagers to the best of my capacity. I shall teach them how to live a healthy life and how to prevent diseases. Earning money is not my main consideration. I shall take whatever fees I am offered. I shall not take fees from one who cannot afford to pay me.

Why I have chosen it:

Most of the villagers in our country do not get even the minimum medical attention. A lot of them die of various diseases for want of proper medical facilities. They are so poor that they cannot afford to pay the doctor’s fees and buy medicines. I want to serve these poor and wretched people. I want to lessen their miseries. Moreover, a doctor is a man of position and his job is a respectable one. So I have chosen this profession as my aim.

Preparation made by me to realise my aim:

I am now only a school student with a long way to go. But still I am making my own plans to materialize my aim in life. To have a seat in a medical college is not so easy now-a-days. But I have been studying hard for the last two years and I hope to secure a high First Division in the HSLC Examination. I hope to repeat this performance in higher secondary science examination also. If I can fare so well in this examination, I think, it will not be difficult for me to have a seat in one of the Medical Colleges in Assam.

   To study in a medical college is a costly business. I, therefore, may have to face some problems off and on. But I have great faith in the maxim, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way”. So I don’t think that the question of money might cause me any serious problem.


I don’t know what is there in store for me in future. But I shall never stop pursuing my aim. I shall be a happy man if my aim is fulfilled, because the greatest happiness comes when one achieves a goal which one has set for himself.

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