NATURAL RESOURCES OF ASSAM.Assam is a land of full of natural wealth and beauty. Its hills and forests with beautiful and valuable trees and plants, broad rivers and green plains have enriched this land. It is difficult to enumerate the different things we may have from the store of nature. Assam is rightly called the dear daughter of Nature.

NATURAL RESOURCES OF ASSAM of the hills and forests:

The hills and forests of Assam are rich in natural resources. We may have timber, lake, turpentine and various kinds of herbs from the forests of Assam. Besides, there are so many wild animals. We are proud of having elephants and rhinos in the hills and forests of Assam. The tusks of the elephants and the horns of the rhinos are highly valuable.

Resources of the plain:

The soil of the plains of Assam in naturally fertile. Various kinds of crops can be grown and Assam is famous as one of the greatest tea producing countries in the world. Rice, jute, cotton and many other kinds of crops are grown in the plains of Assam.

Essay on Natural Resources in Assam

Resources of the rivers:

Assam is noted for its broad rivers. The mighty Brahmaputra is flowing through the heart of Assam and many big tributaries have joined the Brahmaputra. These rivers have made the land fertile. Besides, we may have various kinds of fishes from these rivers. The rivers of Assam have strong current and we may have water power to supply us with electricity.

Mineral resources:

Assam is rich in its mineral wealth too. There is a rich underground store of mineral oil in this state. The refineries at Digboi, Naharkatia, Guwahati and Bongaigaon are famous in the world. Besides, there are a few coal fields too. The coal mine at Lidu is well-known. Lime and cement are also found in some hills of Assam.

Essay on Natural Resources in Assam


It is a pity that the people of Assam are poor, living in such a rich country. It is because we have not been able to explore properly the wealth lying hidden. There is prospect of various industries in Assam. But the people are lacking in the spirit of industry. Our Government has, however, been conscious about this. Many new industries have been founded and we hope that our requirements will be met in near future.

This is a Essay about Natural Resources of Assam. This Natural Resources of Assam essay is for class 8 to 12 students.

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