7 Genuine ways to make money online |

We all know how important money is for our lives, everyone wants to earn money because without money we cannot fulfill our needs. If you are also unemployed and want to earn money sitting at home, then we are going to tell you online  in this post. Today’s topic all about make money online from home. Hope you will like this.

Today the Internet has expanded so much that a lot of work is done through the Internet itself. You will also be using the Internet and you must have heard from many people that searching for how to  make money online  if you needs this method especially for those who are students, housewives or those who are unemployed at home.stay tune with us.


How to make money online

Friends, if you think that it is very easy to earn money from the internet, then you are wrong, it is neither so easy nor so difficult. It is not possible to earn money from internet and become rich overnight. But there are many online money making websites where you can earn good money. Apart from this, online money making  Apps and online money making games are also available on the Internet, so let’s tell you something similar make money from online



By the way there are many ways to earn money online, but I will tell you some simple and Genuine tricks which will help you to earn more for the long time..


1.By being a writer

If you are a writer, then you can get employment from home by writing one of your books, just your typing speed should be fast so that you can write your book on MS Word in your computer. There is a C-ESI website on the Internet that will buy your books like Amazon’s Kindle and many other similar websites that you can sell your books and if the writing is truly artistic in your writing, then in the future,You can create a website and write content for the blog  also you can earn money by writing for others as well.


2.By blogging

Friends, if the meaning of Blogging is understood in the right words, then this is what it is like to create a website of your own. But to create a website, we have to invest money initially, so we have suggested you to blogging because there are many sites on the Internet that allow you to create your blog for free. You can put your thoughts on your blog, if people start liking your ideas then many people start coming to your blog and your blog becomes popular. Then you can make money from advertisements like Google Adsense


Once your blog becomes popular, many companies come to promote your blog and if you promote a company on your blog, you can get good money. Or if your idea is liked by a production company, then that company can give you good money to buy ideas, similarly you will be able to earn money.


3.By online teaching

There is also a way in this way to earn money from the Internet. If you feel that you can give good education to someone, then you can also become an online teacher. There are many websites on the Internet on which you can become a teacher by registering, like udemy for that you must have a Web Camera and Microphone in your computer and become an online teacher.


4.By drawing

If you are a painter then you need those websites which buy pictures online like- www.zazzle.com, believe friends, if your painting has been liked by a website very much, then you cannot imagine how far ahead you can make money online by selling your drawing or painting


5.Making interesting videos

If you have a smartphone and you run internet in it, then you will be very familiar with YouTube but there are very few of you who have put their videos on YouTube. But if you can make some money sitting at home also by putting videos on YouTube, you may not believe it but it is true. If your videos started being watched by people and many people subscribed to your channel, then you can showing advertisements in your videos, this is a great way to earn money online from home.

Now you can also make money from Facebook through uploading videos.



6.By selling music online

If you are a musician then you can make a lot of money by selling your music online. There are many websites on the Internet where you can sell your music, if once you become famous and your music starts to be liked by everyone, then your life can change.



7.money making website

There are many websites that make money online on the Internet, but we are going to tell you some websites from which you can earn good money from the Internet sitting at home.

  1. Skillshare

  2. Fiverr

  3. Zirtual

  4. Swagbucks

  5. Fotolia

  6. Upwork



You must have found the answer to the question of how to earn money from online internet while sitting at home, hope that now you too will be able to earn money from website, application at home. make money online which we have told you, you will definitely find it on the Internet and you can also start making money online