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Welcome to (GFH) | Everyone listens to the word “Personality development” from childhood.Do you know what personality development really means? Today we will talk about it as what is personality development, what is the meaning of it, what should we pay attention to personality development and how does it affect people?

As we all know that a person’s personality can be understood by examining his behavior and his characteristics, how can that person’s personality be good or bad? Trying to find out which of the two is the best personality.

personality development


So what exactly is personality

Personality means that you can impress someone in some way.
If you can impress someone with the help of any quality then your personality is very good. There are two ways in which we can talk about personality, one is internal and one is external, in external it could be your dress sense, the way of speaking, what kind of things you use etc, these are the also part of your personality. Internal personality, the most important role of your personality is your character, how do you think of your thought, how is your attitude, how is it with your loving people,etc .I hope you understand what is personality.

So, we can say that improving all this further by analyzing your personality is called personality development.

personality development can not just happen in one or two days, it needs time you have to analyze again and again that is it really improving or not. But personality development is not rocket science like you don’t need to do extra effort to have a good personality. There are some tips below that need to be worked on while developing one’s personality.

Top 10 Personality Development Tips


1) Try to be confident :

confidence plays the most important role in the personality development of any person.
Your confidence reflects your character, attitude, and passion. You should be confident about who you are and what you do. Being confident will help you to express yourself and to be among the crowds.

A person’s confidence can be less due to mistakes, failure, guilt or any other undesirable thing. Some people often develop a negative complex due to their physical appearance, caste, financial status, etc. These people perceive confidence as their weakness, while the truth is that the person’s greatest strength is confident.

2) Be kind to yourself :

Being kind and humble is the good quality of personality of any person.We are taught to be kind to others. However, many of us fail to be kind to ourselves. Studies show that self-pity brings positive traits such as optimism, extrovert, wisdom, happiness, positivity and resilience. According to research psychologist Emma Sepala of Stanford University, self-compassion involves three stages:

*You recognize that you deserve care and concern just like anyone else and that is why you have to be kind and understanding with yourself.

*Recognize that making mistakes and failing is part of life. So, do not reconcile with yourself when you make a mistake or fail and engage in self-critical thinking.

*Be aware of one’s emotions and feelings.

3) We should improve our communication skills.

Be polite and gentle with your words Use gentle words when interacting with everyone. Always think before you speak. You should not do anything that offends one’s self-respect (this is most important). Pay attention to how to talk to a child, elderly or friend, how to talk in the office or a meeting. All these will help in your personality development.

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4) Be Optimistic:

Have a positive outlook on everyone. No one wants to be around a person who is negative and complains all the time. Nobody wants to work or live with a pessimist. When you face a failure, you let go of the assumption that you are the most unhappy person in life. Use positive affirmations like: “I can do it”, “I always have a choice”. Expect good things in the future.

5) Learn from mistakes:

If you learn something new, you are bound to make mistakes, be prepared to truly apologize and apologize. Excuse me that you are able to create a respectful corner among friends and colleagues. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t stop until you find out about your mistakes. This can take you years to learn and that is fine, at least you learn and try your best. You are a thousand times better than people ever try and you are shy to face their introverted personality.

6) Improve Your Social Skills:

Man is a social animal. Each individual must interact with a group of people at one time or another. Being shy or introverted is the least desired characteristic of any individual. Keep up-to-date with the latest news and what’s happening in your society. Try to participate in group discussions and seminars. This will help you to be more open and fit between a group of people.

Today is the age of the network, be social with people, you should often go on trips with friends, have self-knowledge about things and develop the confidence to travel independently. Secondly, with your network, you know how to talk and interact, when to take credit and when to share and help. When and how to say no without hurting yourself, you will find out all these basic things when you are with other people.

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